No more problems with baldness!

Recover old hairstyle and self-confidence in a few weeks.

If you noticed that your hair is getting thinner and receding hairline more and more - we have something for you! Follixin is a dietary supplement designed for men who are struggling with the problem of hair loss. Follixin work for everyone - regardless of age and cause of baldness.

No more creams, lotions and ointments for hair growth! Now you enough only two tablets every day to strengthen hair follicles and cause the receding hairline will diminish, and the hair will not fall out.

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What gives Follixin?

Dietary supplement is a proprietary Follixin, repeatedly tested formula which confirms the efficacy of 94% of men. And that's without any side effects!

strengthens bulbs

Follixin operates from within to each hair root, expanding and strengthening it so that the hair is protected from falling out.

Revives dormant bulbs

It works on dilapidated and dormant bulbs, reviving them and stimulating new hair growth. Making it possible to stop hair loss and hair recovery balding areas.

strengthens hair

It protects the hair from roots to ends, prevent hair loss, strengthens it from the inside through a specially developed and scientifically tested formula.

customer reviews

John London 32

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My main problem was not the receding hairline, but rarer hair all over the head, especially at the tip. Together with his father, who also balding, we bought Follixin together and quickly found out that you have to buy another pack! Just a few days after taking the first tablet I noticed that the less hair falls out when you wash me, and after two months there where I had very thin hair began to do more and blacks ... and it was! Tata also sees improvement and even began to sing again in the morning when shaving ;)

Thomas Birmingham 37

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I first saw at home meanders still in high school, but I thought exaggerating the problem, in the end I did not even 20 years! In college meanders grew bigger, and I experimented with a variety of expensive creams and ointments. Follixin is another such experiment, and finally I can say that something really helps for baldness. It's too early to say that I look like before baldness, but the hair stopped falling out me at such a pace, and seemed to reduce hair receding at the temples. I am hopeful!

Elliot Manchester 27

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Follixin is finally what I was looking for! I have a slight receding hairline, but from year to year more and more hair falls out and want me to do something about it, before I get completely bald. I do not have time for any creams and massages are they supposed to stimulate the hair follicles, so I was looking for some more convenient method for hair growth. The tablets are for me a hit, łykam one in the morning, another in the evening and forget about the case. And most importantly, that the hair of my head is not falling ;)

Available packages

Follixin dietary supplement can be ordered in one of the available packages. Select a package size and duration of treatment,

which will be tailored to your needs. The sooner you order - the faster you regain your hair and self-confidence!



One package Follixin

You want to have more severe hair? Follinix you in this work, it works from the inside and that makes him stand out in the market. Choose this package to quickly find out about it and come back after a larger package.

30 £

Package one month



2 x Follixin + 1 pack free!!

Do you want lasting effect in the form of thick and strong hair? Choose this package to new hair permanently take root in your head. Action confirmed by laboratory tests.

90 £59 £

Package 3 months

Save 35%



3 x Follixin + 3 packs free!!!

Choose the biggest package and enjoy the effects as long as possible. You want to regain a youthful appearance and self-confidence? Do not wait, delaying lose lovely and thick and above all, strong hair.

180 £90 £

Package 6 months

Save 50%